Manuscripts in Review

(3) Böttger T*, Klaassen van Oorschot B*, Pepper RE. The effect of external flow on 3D orientation of a microscopic sessile suspension feeder, Vorticella convallaria. In Review. *Shared first authorship

(2) Amador GJ, Klaassen van Oorschot B, Sen U, Karman B, Leenders R. Scaling of insect adhesion. In Review. (arXiv)

(1) Klaassen van Oorschot B, Danner O; Lopez A, Bryson KA, Eklof, J, Pepper RE. Seeds matter when measuring splash-cup dispersal distance. In Review.

Published Manuscripts

(6) Xue J, Han F , Klaassen van Oorschot B, Clifton G, Fan D. Exploring storm petrel pattering and sea-anchoring using deep reinforcement learning. (2023). (link – Email me and I’ll send it to you)

(5) Klaassen van Oorschot B, Choroszucha R, Tobalske BW. Passive aeroelastic deflection of avian primary feathers. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics. (2020). (link)

(4) Klaassen van Oorschot B, Tang HK, Tobalske BW. Phylogenetics and ecomorphology of emarginate primary feathers. Journal of Morphology. (2017). (link – Email me and I’ll send it to you)

(3) Crino OL, Klaassen van Oorschot B, Crandell KE, Breuner CW, Tobalske BW. Flight performance in the altricial zebra finch: developmental effects and reproductive consequences. Ecology and Evolution. (2017). (link)

(2) Klaassen van Oorschot B, Mistick EA, Tobalske BW. Aerodynamic consequences of wing morphing during emulated take-off and gliding in birds. Journal of Experimental Biology. (2016). (link)

(1) Crino OL, Klaassen van Oorschot B, Johnson EE, Malisch JL, Breuner CW.  Proximity to a high-traffic road: glucocorticoid and life history consequences for nestling white-crowned sparrows.
General and Comparative Endocrinology. (2011). (link)