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Data-driven performance, doctorate-level tenacity, and scientific precision.

Brett Klaassen van Oorschot, Ph.D.

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I’m guessing you’re here because you’re curious about me.  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  Let me tell you a few things about myself:

I’m a versatile kind of guy.  I come from a blue-collar family, and learned to work hard at a young age.  I have a growth mindset.  I’m constantly improving, hacking, creating, learning, and thinking.

Right now, I’m working to start several new businesses.  Last year, I worked for Orting Middle School teaching 6th grade science.  Before that, I worked for a startup called MarketRFID where I function as the principle account manager.  And, before that, I worked as the Director of Sales & Sourcing for Aromatics International.  And before that, I made some fascinating discoveries about how birds fly at the University of Montana’s Flight Laboratory.

As a scientist, I studied the aerodynamics, biomechanics, and evolution of bird flight at the Flight Laboratory at the University of Montana.  As a management professional, I work to gain market share, improve efficiency, and develop sales systems that increase revenue.

I live in Tacoma, WA, with my wife, Paige, who is a teacher-librarian at a local urban high school.  I’m an avid rock climber, musician, designer, and photographer.  I like to fly airplanes and paragliders, geek out in nature, and make weird things in my shop.


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Work and Educational Experience

The storied history that led me here….

  1. Orting Middle School

    Science Instructor
    I teach over 150 sixth graders how to appreciate the natural world.  I craft custom inquiry-based STEM curriculum that explores climate, electricity & magnetism, and biology.  I work to promote equity and social justice in education.

  2. MarketRFID

    Principal Account Manager
    As the main salesperson and representative of MarketRFID, I prospect new leads, meet with potential customers, sell RFID systems, and provide unparalleled customer service.  I know how RFID works, and I know how to help our clients get the most out of their RFID systems to increase efficiency in their supply chain, retail location, or manufacturing facility.
  3. Aromatics International

    Director of Sales & Sourcing
    • Worked in a fast-paced startup environment
    • Sourced hard-to-find plant products from farmers around the world
    • Implemented new sales strategies to drive revenue
    • Managed a global network of wholesale resellers

    Ph.D. in Organismal Biology & Ecology
    Advisor: Dr. Bret Tobalske
    Topics of interest: Aerodynamics of slotted primary feathers; Dynamic and passive morphing of wings; Unsteady flight mechanics; Airfoil interactions; Phylogenetics; Vortex lift, Wing-tip aerodynamics

      • Comprehensive analysis of raptor wings in different configurations during gliding and flapping
      • Ontogenetic study of zebra finch flight capabilities
      • Phylogenetics and ecomorphology of slotted wing tips in 135 species
      • Modeling and wind tunnel analysis of feather deformation and associated forces
    • Particle image velocimetry of near-field flow around wings at low- and high-advance ratio

    Education Director
    • Teach weekly in-depth hands-on lessons on aerodynamics, aviation, weather, physics, and standard ground school content.
    • Recruited students from 8th through 11th grade from schools throughout the South Puget Sound region.
    • Work with mentors and students to build a Van’s RV-12 light sport airplane.

    Science Instructor
    I instructed a hands-on flight-based science course for disadvantaged youth.  The self-made syllabus included birds, rocketry, and aerodynamics.  I generated original content for hands-on lessons on complex subjects like air density and pressure.
  7. UM Graduate Student Association

    I represented over 2000 graduate students at the University of Montana on issues ranging from health insurance to child care to fair pay.  In addition to working with faculty, administrators, and politicians to ensure graduate student success, I built and maintained a website for the association, hosted monthly meetups, organized hikes and outdoor events.
  8. Zootown DJ

    Started a top-rated and locally respected small business as a professional DJ for special events, including weddings and fundraisers.   This paid for my schooling.
  9. Breuner Lab

    Field Technician
    Tioga Pass Meadow, Yosemite, CA

    Supervisor: Dr. Creagh Breuner, Ondi Crino

    Projects: Ecological analysis of nest microhabitat; Stress response in nestlings; Effects of road proximity on nest success; Effects of simulated territory intrusions; Long-term stress physiology dataset; Science education for minority at-risk and rural youth

    • Live capture and bleeding of adult and nestling passerines
    • Bird banding, nest searching and radio telemetry
    • Education and community outreach

    BA in Biology, Minor in Wilderness Studies
    Obtained a bachelor of arts degree with honors while working two jobs and volunteering in multiple labs.

To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.

– Anon. –

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